Visualization page

The page of a dataset is composed of several elements:

  1. The title and description of the dataset
  2. Dataset metadata and action buttons
  3. Icons for sharing on social networks
  4. Visualization
  5. Data used in visualization

Title and description

The title and description of a visualization help to provide context, better understand the data and discover certain points put forward by the producer of the data.

Metadata and action buttons

Metadata are available as a card. They contain the organization that published the visualization, the type of visualization, action buttons, and the date the visualization was updated.

Action buttons provide access to HTML code to embed the visualization on an external site as well as a full-screen presentation of the visualization.

Sharing icons

Sharing icons allow you to quickly share the page link on different social networks.
The share thumbnail is the visualization preview.


All of our visualizations are interactive. They make it easier to explore the data.

Données utilisées

The data used are presented in the form of sheets. Each card is composed of a title, a description, themes and action buttons.
Clicking on the card takes you to the dataset page.