Webhooks are used to synchronize computer systems. It is possible to send messages during updates on data for example.

List of triggering events:

  • Creation of a dataset
  • Errors on a dataset
  • Finalization of a dataset
  • Publication of a dataset in a catalog
  • Downloading a dataset
  • Creation of a visualization
  • Error on a visualization
  • Publication of a visualization in a catalog

Configure the event tracking for Google Analytics

To configure event tracking for Google Analytics, you will need a Google Analytics account with a configured property and a UA-XXXXXXXX-X number configured for your site.

Once you configured your Google Analytics account and got your UA-XXXXXXXX-X number, you can use it on the Webhooks section of your Data Fair account.

When you are on the settings page, you can add an 'External calls' using the + button.
A window appears to configure your call.
Fill in the title, the trigger events you want to track from the list, then choose Google Analytics as the target type.
In the Tracker ID section, enter your UA-XXXXXXXX-X number.

Once your webhook is validated, you will have a rendering like this:

Koumoul webhook for Google Analytics configured

If you have correctly configured your calls, you will be able to view the number of events by type that the users of your portal have carried out in the Behavior> Events> Main events section of your account Google Analytics.


To obtain the details of the downloads, click on Event action for the type of events dataset.