The services connected to Data Fair allow to present your data in dynamic visualizations and to make it more accessible.
You can create as many visualizations as you want.

The visualizations are divided into several categories: maps, graphics, textual visualizations, etc.

Map visualizations

Map visualizations allow to project your geographic data on a map using concepts latitude, longitude or geometry.

Visualisations Carto

Graphic visualizations

Graphic visualizations allow to represent your data on different perspective visualizations.

Visualisations graphiques

Textual visualizations

Textual visualizations can represent the majority of your data.

Visualisations texte


Game visualizations present your data in mini-games. Gamification challenge your visitors, they will be able to test their knowledge and learn about your data.

Visualisations texte

Visualisations SCDL

SCDL visualizations make it possible to represent data respecting the format of the Common Base of Local Data (SCDL).

  • SCDL-Deliberations allows you to view administrative decisions. Grand Poitiers deliberations
  • SCDL-Equiements allows you to view the equipment of a territory on a map