Periodic processings

Periodic processing allows to fetch data, transform it and publish it on the platform.
They can be used for automatic data update on regular intervals.

Periodic processing differs from catalog connectors on several points:

  • Processing are limited to a small set of input and output sources. Typically, it can retrieve data in one place, metadata in another, and dump the data into a Data Fair source.
  • Collection frequencies can be higher: Data can be collected with a few seconds intervals, which is suitable for publishing IOT data.
  • Periodic processing can only be configured by a platform administrator. Please contact us if you are interested in periodic treatment.

Traitements périodiques
Collectez, transformez et publiez vos données automatiquement

Periodic processing includes several configuration elements:

  • Active or not active
  • The time step: Monthly, weekly, daily or hourly
  • The action: Create a new dataset or Update an existing dataset
  • Parameters: allow, for example, to delete uploaded data used for periodic processing

    The execution history is available and errors are reported in this log.

Traitements périodiques