Visualization settings

The configuration menu of a visualization is divided into several sections.

The Save button turns orange when you modify any element of the configuration of your application.

The configuration menu contains the Data, Data preparation, Presentation sections.

Menu de configuration d'une visualisation graphique


The Data section is available in all the configuration menus and allows to choose the dataset represented in the visualization.

On some configurations, static filters or interactive filters can be defined. Filters allow to restrict data to some values ​​or exclude values. You control the lines thanks to these filters.

Static filters

Static filters allow you to perform a hard filter on your data.

Data preparation

In this section, you can perform controls on the columns. You are able to define which columns you want to represent in your visualization.


This section allows to configure the graphical aspect of the visualization. You can change colors and define interactive filters for exemple.


Interactive filters allow to have a filter section displayed in your visualization. The visualization will be dynamically modified according to the value entered in the filter by the users.

Map menu

The map visualization configuration menu contains the Data, Render, Navigation sections.

Menu de configuration d'une visualisation cartographique


In this section you have the possibility to:

  • Fill in the field that corresponds to your legend.
  • Modify the content of cards or tooltips.
  • Display information specific to each of the visualizations.

This section groups the elements related to the navigation of your visualization. You can activate geolocation, define an initial position of the map or display an address search bar.