Organization management

As an administrator of your organization, the Organization management section is accessible in the Data Fair navigation bar.

On this page, you can manage the different members of your organization:

  • Invite new members with their email
  • Change members roles
  • Exclude members

Manage the members of your organization

Changing roles and removing a member can be accomplished through the action buttons on the member's row.


To invite a member to your organization, all you need is their email.

Invite members of your organization by email

An invitation email is sent to their address.
The email contains a link to validate the account on the platform and be part of your organization.
Once logged in, the invited person will have access to the different pages of the organization according to the role you assigned them.


An organization allows people to work together on different datasets and visualizations.

Organizations follow this rules:

  • Not all members of an organization have the same rights.
  • Administrators of an organization can change the roles of different members of the organization.
  • There are three different roles, user, contributor and administrator

Each role has different permissions.

Defaut permissions :

Actions User Contributor Administrator
Add a dataset x x
Read a dataset x x x
Edit a dataset x x
Dataset administration x
Add a visualization x x
Read a visualization x x x
Edit a visualization x x
Visualization administration x
Modify organization settings x
Creation and modification of the portal x

Dataset or visualization administration is about deletion and visibility.
The administrator is the only one who can publish or delete a dataset or a visualization.
The user role is used to provide access to private organization resources.

The permissions for each resource can be modified by the organization's administrators.
An admin can remove access to resources for contributors or give them publishing rights on certain portals such as a pre-production portal before he validates the publishing request on a production portal.

If you need more permissions in your organizations, contact an administrator of the organization.