Localization game

The Localization game allows to create a game on a blind map. You have an example of this visualization on the map of location of world capitals.
A score is awarded to the player based on the distance from the correct answer and the time spent answering the questions.

Create your localization game

Click on Visualizations then on Configure a visualization.

  1. Choose the application Localization game
  2. Enter the title of the visualization

You are redirected to the configuration page of your application with its different sections:

  1. Information
  2. Action buttons (full screen, integration on a site, capture, ...)
  3. Configuration menu
  4. Preview

Page de configuration

The title of the visualization can be changed anytime.
The Informations section shows a summary of the characteristics of your application.

Configuration menu

The configuration menu contains three submenus: Data, Render and Presentation.


In the Data menu, you choose the dataset you want to use.

Filters are used to restrict the data displayed in the application.
You can Restrict to Values from a column, Restrict to Range of Values​​ from a column, or Exclude Values​​ from a column.

The Number of elements defines the number of points to find on the map.


The Render menu allows you to choose the style of your map, the default markers icon, the size of the icons and the initial position of the map.


In the Presentation menu, you define the overall description of your game and you can select a presentation image of the game if you have added an image as an attachment.

When you are satisfied with the preview click on Save to finalize your configuration.
You can add a description at the bottom of the page and make your application public.
You can consult it using the consult or full screen buttons.