Data enrichment

Enrichment allows you to import columns from a reference base. It is possible to cross-reference its data with data from open data such as the SIRENE database, INSEE data, the cadastre or the BAN.

  • The SIRENE database brings together economic and legal information from more than 28 million french business establishments, including more than 11 million active establishments.
  • INSEE data makes it possible to retrieve various informations on french administrative divisions (municipalities, departments, regions)
  • The cadastre provides access to the various information concerning the plots. In particular, you can geocode plot codes or obtain the areas of your parcel on the french territory.
  • The NAB is the French National Address Base. It allows you to geolocate addresses or find addresses from coordinates.

Depending on your data, you can choose an enrichment and complete your data.

Create your own reference data

At this time, only Super Instance Admins can set a dataset as Reference Data.

  1. Upload a file and associate at least one concept with a column.
  2. Switch to super administrator mode
  3. Define your Reference Data

Once these 3 steps have been completed, you can enrich other data with your Reference data.

Upload and concept

When your dataset is created on your account, you will need to associate a concept to the column containing the uniques values. This column is the link to join data. Your column must contain unique codes, such as INSEE codes of municipality, SIRENE codes or Parcel codes.

Données de référence
A column with a concept is in bold

Super admin mode

Super administrator mode is only available for users authorized in the instance.
This mode is available in the menu at the top right on Data Fair.

Données de référence

Reference data

The imported datasets with concepts can be used as reference data for unitary searches or / and for mass enrichments.

The unit searches will allow to validate a code in your editable datasets.
If your editable dataset has the same concept as one of your reference datasets, when a value is filled in this column, the user will have valid propositions of this concept.

The mass enrichments will allow to perform a join and import columns from the reference data to your dataset.

Données de référence
Cross your data with reference data

On our image, we have created a SITADEL reference data with the concept parcel code which can be used in mass enrichments.
Any other dataset in your account with the concept parcel code can use the SITADEL enrichment to import various columns from the SITADEL reference base.

Create a concept

You can create your own unique value concepts in the Private Vocabulary section of Settings on your account. The concepts created will be available for your account.

A concept is defined by its Identifier, its Title, its Description and its Category. The identifier and title are required.

Données de référence
Create your own concepts