On Data Fair, a dataset corresponds to an uploaded file or an editable or virutal source whith metadata filled in.

By default, all uploaded data is private on your account.
You can work with your team using an organization account.


Metadata is the data characterizing your dataset, such as size, format, modification date, etc.
The title, description, provenance, license are metadata that you can modify in the edition page of a dataset.
With metadata your datasets are easier to find and to identify.


On the dataset edition page, you will find the Schema section which allows to view the model of your data. The schema of a dataset corresponds to its architecture (all the columns). In this section you can fill in concepts. When you fill in a concept on a column, you associate a known elements of Data Fair to this column. This makes your data more meaningful for Data Fair.

Concepts are used in various functions, in some cases, they are essential. For example, if you want to project your data onto a map, the Latitude / Longitude or Geometry concepts must be present on your schema.