Catchment areas

The Catchment areas visualization is a map offering the possibility of identifying areas of responsibility or influence of an establishment, an entity or even an organization, for example.
The map uses EPCI, municipality, department, region codes to calculate the geometry according to values ​​of a column.

Create your catchment area map

To configure a Catchment areas visualization, click on Visualizations in the navigation bar, then on Configure visualization.

  1. Choose the application Catchment areas
  2. Enter the title of your visualization

You are redirected to the configuration page of your application with its different sections:

  1. Information
  2. Action buttons (full screen, integration on a site, capture, ...)
  3. Configuration menu
  4. Preview

Page de configuration

The title of the visualization can be changed anytime.
The Informations section shows a summary of the characteristics of your application.

Configuration menu

The configuration menu contains two submenus: Data and Render.


The Territory code section allows to define the ladder of the territory IRIS code, EPCI code, town code or Department code).
The Aggregate values section allows to define the field to aggregate your data.
Filters are used to restrict the data displayed in the application.


The Render menu manage the initial position, hide the position search bar and activate geolocation.

When you are satisfied with the preview click on Save to finalize your configuration.
You can add a description at the bottom of the page and make your application public.
You can consult it using the consult or full screen buttons.