Visualizations catalog

Just like for datasets, a catalog of visualizations is available with a search engine and tools to filter or sort the visualizations. You can thus quickly access the visualizations corresponding to certain themes or linked to data with specific concepts.

Visualizations are presented through image thumbnails. As with datasets, these tiles have different action buttons so you can quickly interact with the visualization or navigate to a full-screen view of it. The list of results is browsed using an infinite scroll mechanism, equally well suited for desktop or mobile use.

The platform offers a wide variety of visualizations, and new ones are added regularly. There are interactive maps to present geographical data, graphs, animated visualizations, word clouds, ... It is even possible to create search engines, more suitable than the tabular view for presenting data with long texts , or mini-games that allow you to discover the data by playing with it! The set of visualizations available is presented in more detail in section 3.2.