Data portal

Data users access the platform through one or more data portals dedicated to different use cases. There may be, for example, a portal for public data (opendata), a portal for internal data and a pre-production portal showing data that is being consolidated or not yet ready for publication.

screenshot of the home page of a portal

A data portal is made up of different pages (home, contact, etc.), multi-criteria search engines, data sets, visualizations and content pages (news, themes, contributors, approach, ...). It is possible to present key figures and editorialize content highlighted.

The data portal has a responsive design and its display is suitable for a wide variety of terminals, allowing use on fixed or mobile workstations. It is possible to configure different elements to personalize the portal as much as possible (title and description, choice of main and secondary colors, logo, favicone and welcome image, links in the footer, etc.).

An authentication screen is accessible on all the pages of the portal to be able to connect or create an account. The account allows access to private data according to its rights in the case of internal portals, and to subscribe to notifications on data sets.