Home page

The home page is the main entry point to the data portal. It allows quick access to data based on themes and a text search field. Key figures make it possible to quantify the data present on the portal

It is possible to highlight editorial content (text explaining the approach or presenting the portal) as well as a visualization of data which can be used directly on this page. We can, for example, highlight a map showing the location of vaccination centers, or canteen menus for the week. As part of a communication process, it is also possible to display a Twitter feed on this page.

For regular visitors, sections present the latest datasets added as well as the latest visualizations made, with a quick navigation to see this new content in more detail.

It is possible to customize which elements are displayed on this page, to display a banner instead of editorialized text or even to use a visualization instead of the banner! This last option allows you to present a carousel with navigation links.