Dataset details

To be accessible to as many people as possible, the datasets are presented with visualizations adapted to the data. This helps tell a story and highlight different aspects of the dataset or possible use cases. Visitors to the portal can quickly absorb the data and interact with it.

Different metadata (producer, license, date of last update, ...) are presented to the user, and we find the action buttons of the catalog thumbnails (table view, access to the diagram, documentation of APIs). Other additional actions are offered to the user. It can download source data that has been uploaded by the producer. If the user is authenticated, he can subscribe to notifications related to this dataset, which allows him to be informed when the data is updated.

He has access to a full-screen table view, which allows him to see more rows and columns, and most importantly to get a URL that matches the filters he has applied and can share with others. other users. He can thus share data which would be filtered on a particular municipality, for example. It is possible to display only certain columns and to download the filtered dataset in several formats (CSV, ODS, XLSX, GeoJson, ...).

It is also possible to access the attachments of the dataset. These are generally files loaded in addition to the data files, such as a data user manual in pdf format.

screenshot of the detailed page of a dataset

In addition to portal visualizations that are "internal" data reuses, other data reuses may be mentioned. These reuses can be presented through a clickable thumbnail, or directly embedded in the iframe page.

Different icĂ´nes are used to share the dataset page on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ...). The data page has enriched metadata which allows better indexing by search engines and display of a thumbnail on social networks. This thumbnail presents the first visualization associated with the dataset, and this graphical side helps to increase the engagement of social network users.

screenshot of a sharing widget on a social network