Content Pages

The content pages can be of different types: articles, thematic pages around several datasets, news pages, data storytelling, licenses, conditions of use, ... It is thus possible to highlight data and give them even more context, or create dashboards integrating different data.

In addition to entering free text, it is possible to integrate different types of elements: table of a dataset, visualization, list of datasets, integration of external content, ...

To access the content pages created, it is possible to enter links in the navigation bar. Links can appear directly in the bar, or in a menu added to it. It is possible to create public pages or private pages.

News pages

The news pages allow you to communicate information about events concerning your portal or open data. They allow to establish a first phase of communication with the visitors of your portal.

The news list is available on the news page in the form of a card containing an image and the beginning of the news (or the summary). By clicking on a news card, visitors can access the information about the news.

As for the content pages, different elements can be integrated such as images, videos, forms, tables of data sets, pdf, links, etc ...

Liste des actualités

To facilitate access to information, a news feed is also available on the home page.

Fil d'actualités en page d'accueil