API Acces

All of the platform's features are available through documented Rest APIs. These APIs can be called outside the portal, but for restricted access it is necessary to use an API key. When adding an API key, it is possible to restrict access to a single function. It is then possible to restrict access to a specific IP or domain name.

API documentation is done following the OpenAPI 3.0 specification. This allows clear and understandable documentation through interactive documentation. The handling of APIs by developers is thus faster

Another benefit of using this specification is increased interoperability, with some IT systems (e.g. API gateways) being able to understand this specification. APIs made with Data Fair can, for example, be directly integrated by sites such as https://api.gouv.fr.

capture d'écran de la documentation d'API

It is possible to use the API to harvest data from a portal. For example, the https://opendatarchives.fr/ site regularly harvests data from the https://data.ademe.fr/ portal powered by Data Fair.