Data Fair

Visualize, explore and share your data in a few clicks !

Manage your datasets

Load your files directly in the user interface. A large variety of formats is supported (XLS,CSV,SHP,...)

Configure data collection tools for automatic updates of data including from IOT sources.

Move with ease toward a data-driven strategy in your organization.

Extend and structure

Use open data sources, extend your data to increase its value and make it highly reusable.

Your data is normaized and accessible through an API, as structured textual data or vectorial geographic maps.

Visualize dynamically

Configure interactive data visualizations in a few click, without programming skills.

You can explore large datasets in real time, using maps, charts, or textual representations.

Koumoul create on-demande custom visualizations to better match your needs

Share privately or as open data

Control access to the data and the visualizations to share both inside your organization and with the larger public.

Your data is downloadable in multiple formats and can be presented in customizable data portal.

Integrate your visualizations in your web sites.